The Institute is comprised of the Pennsylvania State Data Center (PaSDC), the Center for Survey Research (CSR), the Economic Development Course in Pennsylvania (EDC), and the ISRA Integrated Technology Center (ITC). It is 100 percent externally funded and conducts approximately $2 million in sponsored research activity each year.  The Institute has 15 full-time staff and approximately 10 part-time staff including student workers and interns.

  • Pennsylvania State Data Center ( – The Commonwealth’s official source of population and socio-economic data. Data solutions include: data acquisition and analysis, custom programming, mapping and geospatial services, and data visualizations (digital dashboards, etc.).
  • Center for Survey Research ( – Provides a full array of qualitative and quantitative survey research services and data solutions, including: study and instrument design, surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, data preparation, and data analysis.
  • Economic Development Research and Training Center – Helps communities improve their community and economic development capability and helps professionals along the path to industry certification. Administers the Economic Development Course in Pennsylvania (
  • ISRA Information Technology Center – Develops online custom information systems and provides technology support for other centers’ efforts.